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Men's belts

Eel Belt Mr.E.

Men belts made with eel's leather handmade in Italy
Sales price: €180,00

Python Belt Mr.P.

Luxury python belts for men made by hand in Italy
Sales price: €225,00

Ostrich Belt Mr.S.

Genuine ostrich men's belts Italian handcrafted
Sales price: €290,00

Python Belt Mr.P.R.

Genuine Python men's belts handcrafted in Italy
Sales price: €225,00

Leather Belt Mr.W.

Genuine leather men's belts Italian made
Sales price: €120,00

Leather Belt Mr.V.

Leather belts for men handmade in Italy
Sales price: €105,00

Crocodile Belt Mr.M.

Crocodile men's belts, Mosaico sewing method, Italian handmade
Sales price: €290,00

Crocodile Belt Mr.C.

Crocodile belts for men, whole cut queues, made by hand in Italy
Sales price: €350,00

Crocodile Belt Mr.F.

Crocodile belts for men, whole cut sides, handmade in Italy
Sales price: €420,00

About CERNO men's belt

Exclusive, luxury men's belt made in Italy, perfect in every detail and produced with the finest exotic leathers and the best materials. Crocodile, python, ostrich, eel, calf leather... CERNO's luxury men's belts are refined and unique; distinctive accessories of class, luxury and exclusivity.

Add a luxury element to your wardrobe: check out CERNO's collection of luxe belts for men that will make you looking dapper. Surf online hand-crafted styles with exotic leather and Italian made hardware that elevate any dressy outfit.

Are you looking for must-have accessories that you can put in your rotation of wardrobe essentials? Discover now our assortment of men’s belts in custom lengths that all types of body. Try wider classy models in luxury crocodile skin or casual models in natural python leather that could easy become a go-to statement piece.

CERNO's design it's practical yet chic so it will be your sartorial element that’s going to enhance everything you wear.